Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall morning routine (school days) | Virginiett


Hi Lovelies!

As a 15 years old I would never think of myself as an early birdy. I mean ... I could sleep till lunch time and not feel guilty at all about throwing away half of my day.
Currently my favorite thing to do is wake up around 6 o'clock and trust me, I can't even believe it myself, that I'm finally able to wake up this early.
So after I wake up I'm usually really hungry (mainly because the last couple of weeks  I'm trying to eat my last meal at 5 p.m. , not later ...) so the first thing I think about is, you guess, food, of course. My breakfast always looks the same, just because when I get used to something I don't like to change up my routines. I go for a bowl of oats with tiny bits of dark chocolate ( that contains at least 85% of cocoa). I like to cut about 3 squares of chocolate like so and than I mix them with the oats and add 2 little spoons of brown sugar and poor just the good amount of coconut milk ( which ends up looking not that tasty, but you should defin try it!) all into the bowl.
 Usually while I eat my breakfast in bed I scroll through my youtube feed and watch my favorite youtubers.

After I finish all of my food I get really thirsty ( maybe because of all of the sugar in it, I don't really know ... ) so I head up to the kitchen and grab a big full glass of water and go to the bathroom.
First things first I need to brush my teeth and then I like wash my face with my favorite gel cleanser by L'Oreal which has a great spongy thingy, that helps to massage it and get the product into your pores to cleanse all of the dirt and bacteria and than I rinse it off and put on some moisturizer.

I start dooing my makeup by using my favoutite primer at the moment which is Baby Skin by Maybelline. I put a tiny bit onto my under eye area and tap it gently into the skin to help it absorve with my fingers to help it absorve faster.
Than I use my Rimmel concealer, to get rid off my dark cyrcles and I like  set everything with my powder by Maybelline, to keep everything nice and matt.

 On my eyes I put a highlighting eyeshadow and than I fix my bold eyebrow areas using a dark shadow with an eyebrow brush. After I get my brows a better look and shape I focus on my eyes and try to do a winged out eyeliner, that I wear on the daily bases since I was 15 y.o..
 I put few coats of mascara on my top and bottom lashes and than I like to contoure my face with a bronzing powder. I like to put it under my cheek bones and onto my forehead, a bit on my nose and on my neck to finish my everyday makeup look.
 Than I go back to my room to pick the right OOTD for school, which doesn't take my too long actually and  pack my stuff for school.
 I always have to carry a bottle of water with me, because I get thirsty all the time and I could basically live just off water. I like to do a messy bun before i do my makeup, so I let down my hair and go to the bathroom to take my favourite hair foam at the moment, which smells like milk and leaves youre hair soft and silky smooth. At that part I am good to go, so I grab everything I need and head out of the door to start my day <3

Lots of Love, yours V.

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