Thursday, October 24, 2013

OOTD | Sunlight burns my eyes

Hi Lovelies!

Yesterday we had such a nice, warm autumn day here in Ostrava and i tought, it'just ideal to take some photos of my OOTD. I think the light showed very well in photos and also, i had a special dog model with me, as you can see. Even he isn't really a puppy any more ( he's 6 years old), he's so playful, that was quite hard to take some photos, where he stays just in place without moving. Thank got the owner, which is my good friend P. had some small magic biscuits to help a little, you know. I love days like this and wish they can be like that the whole year. Autumn is just the best season, don't you think?

Guess what? Yesterday, before i went to bed i read on Kristinas Bazan well known, popular blog KAYTURE, that her birthday is the same day as mine (28th October). I was so pleased and surprised, you can't even imagine how, that such a famous, and one of my favourite bloggers is born the same day as me. I know it's not a big deal but ... I wanted to show how happy i am about it :3
Now i'm just hoping that till sunday i'll be fine and fit ( i have my birthday party), because i'm feeling really sick these past days and still don't know the reason. The only things i can eat or drink are still water, green tea and some slices of wholegrain bread, crossing my fingers that the sickness will pass away soon.

I was wearing:
Dark jeans jacket/hoodie - Men H&M
Grey sweatshirt - H&M
Stripped black & white pants - Motivi
Bight orange sneakers - Nike Air Max 70' collection 2013
Fake leather bag - Primark

Sunglasses - Ray Ban Clubmaster

Photos taken by : Andrea Matys

Lots of Love, yours V.


  1. ta první fotka je úžasná!! a celý outfit je moc hezký:) podzim je taky moje neoblíbenější roční období:)
    a pejsek je moc roztomilý!

    1. Je dekuji moc:3 Jo kamaradka ma stesti mit tak uzasneho psa, taky bych chtela.

  2. Úžasný fotky, outfit, pejsek, a ta úprava <3

  3. Naozaj krasne fotky, ta druha je skvela! :)

  4. Krásné fotky a pejsek je úžasný :)

  5. Very nice photos.
    All best,

  6. Ahojte na mojom blogu prebieha Giveaway,
    Tak neváhajte a zučastnite sa :)
    Ďakujem :)

  7. nádhernej pes, to se musí nechat :) baví mě ty pruhovaný kalhoty! moc pěkný osvětlení fotek.


Thank you for all the lovely comments {also for the negative ones, that should teach me something new} <3 Love ya!

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