Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Update | My hair care routine

Hi Lovelies!

Today i'd like to show you an update of my hair care routine, or simply the product i find myself loving the most in these few months. I'v changed lots tuns of products ever since i last did my first routine, but i now discovered my most loved and used, so i thought that would be great and maybe helpful, if i'll share them with you.
Starting with the most important, and i think just "basic pieces" of an ordinary hair care routine, which are of course the combo shampoo and contitioner. I absolutelly fell in love with the Toni and Guy brand ( that you can now easily find in the DM drugstores in Czech republic, yaay)
They make my hair smell soo good and feel so smooth, clean and shiny at the same time. I chose the line for damaged hair, because i recently bleached my hair from a light hazel brown color to a very blond shade and i found it like the best option for my hair right now. But the quality of these products is so high, that i think for people with fine hair just the shampoo does a great job. 

 Aussie for me makes the best smelling hair products ever! But, on the other hand, they're not so gentle with your scalp, or maybe i'm over sensitive, but i can't really use the shampoo because of that, and of course it makes me really sad. Everyone smelling at my hair after i use Aussies products compliment me, how great my hair smell! And i really enjoy the feeling, that they like it so much to tell me. Currently i'm using only the 3 minute miracle Shine ( one of my favourite lines, but the Miracle Moist is no way no. 1 for me). It's almost empty and i'm so annoyed, because we can only order Aussie hair products on the internet in Czech republic and they're so overpriced! Also i raccomend the Take The Heat spray, which i use mostly like a detangler, but as well as a heatprotect.
Stuff im using for my blonde hair. The first dark purple bottle is a shampoo, that i use to get rid of yellow undertones in my hair ( MiriamQuevedo - Extreme caviar Shampoo for White and Grey hair) and the next product is a revitalising mask with extract of Daisies just for light/blonde hair from a brand called Schultz that i bought when i was in Italy on holidays.

The two products i use for my spitt ends - Moroccan oil, which i apply right after i dry my freshly washed hair with a towel and Keratine complex serum anti fizz before i blow dry my hair.
(both products bought in Italy)

Last, but not least Coconut oil hair mask by Mil Mil, that makes my hair soft and smooth and i wish you could just smell it.
(bought in Italy)

Lots of love, yours V.


  1. taky bych někdy chtěla vyzkoušet Aussie, slyším na to jenom samou chválu :))

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