Sunday, August 3, 2014

VIDEO | What's in my makeup bag?

Hi Lovelies!

Today I felt like doing something a bit crazier than posting just the usual article as always. I was sitting on my bed, chilling, the weather today was kind of scary (rain, thunderstorm and sun all at once, uu) but for me is such a pleasure when it's rainy and I have time to "do absolutely nothing" so I usually end up lying on my bed watching random videos on youtube, reading few favorite blogs and enjoy having some time for myself without doing nothing very special. You feel me?
I grabbed the iPad mini (because sadly i don't own a recording camera ( it was stolen from me when we moved out of our old apartment by somebody (shame on you you little ******! I was saving my money for good 3 months to buy that camera!)), but it was all good (or at least i hope)) and decided to actually film a video ... I went for the TAG What's in my makeup bag? (even though i wasn't tagged by anyone, uups) and did it. It's pretty long (because I also don't own any "movie maker" kind of program on my computer neither) and I'm sorry, but I'll try to make it shorter next time, pinky promise! Hope you'll guys like it!:3 
(and sorry for the continuous playing with my hair and also for doing few grammar mistakes while talking ( don't worry, I'm still learning day by day). I'm acting really nervous and i'm fully aware, but it's my first video, in a language that I've learned mostly on youtube videos rather than at school or with the help of few books, movies etc.) For any questions, suggestions please leave a comment down below.

Lots of Love, yours V.


  1. na videích určitě časem zapracuješ :) není to zlé, jen se člověk musí naučit mluvit s kamerou, což je prostě divný no :D působíš moc mile a příjemně :)

    1. Dekuji moc. Byla jsem nervozni, jak nikdy. Mas pravdu, je to hrozne zvlastni. Natacela jsem na ipadu a celou dobu se videla a desila se sama sebou :D


Thank you for all the lovely comments {also for the negative ones, that should teach me something new} <3 Love ya!

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